Commitment to Community.

Who We Are

store windowUptown Nutrition is the community wellness store, known for customer service, education, and quality products. Located in historic Uptown Port Townsend, Uptown Nutrition has been evolving since 1976, when it began as the Victorian Grocer.

The staff at Uptown Nutrition all hold certifications in different health modalities attend regular educational trainings so they can help you find the best vitamins, minerals, herbs, protein supplements, homeopathic products, mineral cosmetics and skin and facial care for your unique needs. Whether you are looking for capsules, tablets, liquids, gels, powders or tinctures or a good healthy snack, we either have it in stock or we’ll get it for you!

We believe food is the first defense for optimum health along with appropriate supplementation.

In depth research is conducted by the staff at Uptown Nutrition before we bring any new product into our store. We ask if products go through disintegration testing, what their manufacturing practices are, where products are manufactured (type of facility), how raw materials are tested and we also want to know about the company, it’s mission, how they treat their employee’s and if the company is owned by a larger conglomerate. We also conduct occasional review of our existing companies to assure they are maintaining their manufacturing practices (especially raw material efficacy).

Body Care
We maintain strict standards for the cleansers, cosmetics, creams and colorants we stock, and do not carry any item that has been tested on animals. We offer products that are Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, Synthetic dye-free, Gluten-free (when available), Chemical preservative-free, Cruelty-free (no animal testing), Organic (when available), Locally-made and Non-GMO.


Suzy Carroll

Suzy Carroll, N.C.
Suzy is certified as a Nutritional Consultant and owner of Uptown Nutrition.
She is also a Whole Health Coach working with both individuals and groups to optimize health and well being. Suzy is a past board member of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, founding member of the Port Townsend Education Foundation and current board member of Working Image.
When she isn’t at the store, Suzy loves to write, camp, travel, walk with her dog and spend time with family and friends.


Jani Weller, RN  Jani
Jani is a retired nurse with 30 years in public health. She ran a clinic in Delta Junction, Alaska, where Jani and her husband Mark raised their three girls.
She is a fantastic addition to our staff, blending the good in both worlds – allopathic and holistic!
In her free time you can find Jani volunteering for Gathering Place, dancing her heart out at NIA or riding her Harley!

Hanna Lose-Frahn, Certified Food Healer and Sandy Krist,  both former staff members are back helping out while Suzy traverses upcoming staff vacations and decides on the perfect new addition to the Uptown Nutrition staff.


Along with his job coach, keeps our store tidy and clean. He comes to us through Skookum.  A program dedicated to finding employment for those with disabilities.
Brad has been keeping Uptown Nutrition dust free for over five years!
It makes us very happy that Brad, who is a highly sensitive individual, has found a home with us.

Last, but certainly not least…



Tom Carroll, co-owner and Suzy’s husband.  Although Tom isn’t directly involved in the store, he provides support in many ways such as helping with maintenance jobs (he’s our light bulb man) to patiently putting up with having  his face used to test products on.  Tom’s ‘real’ job is Vice President of another local company, Pacific Environmental Services.  If you ask him about supplements you will most likely get a blank look but ask him about building gas stations or environmental clean ups and you will get an ear full!