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Seven Steps to Feeling Great

We compiled seven steps for the Uptown Nutrition e-newsletter to ‘uplift’ our customers, but in all honesty, we might have written them for ourselves as well.

We who live here in Western Washington are soaked to the bone. It’s gray, cool, and unbelievably wet!   The weather affects our mood, which affects our movement, which affects how we eat and so on…here are seven steps to follow – get back on track, or on the track to feeling great!

#1:  Move. No rolling of eyes.  The most important step that can be taken to keep your mood ‘up’ is to move. Grab the raincoat and go!

#2:  Sleep. Sleep is essential to the spunky feeling.  If sleep eludes you, stop in and talk with us.  Many factors including stress, blood sugar imbalance and hormones can cause sleep challenges.

#3:  Eat well! Mood food is not pasta and pastries.  Try the wheat free challenge!  Eliminate all gluten/wheat for two weeks and watch out – you’ll be feeling so good you will forget it ever rained!  Remember that what goes in, counts.  Fill up on nutrient dense foods, not nutrient void foods.

#4:  You eat when? Never go more than three hours without food.  Set your watch, set your cell phone…and eat every three hours.  Cut back on portion sizes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and add in healthy snacks, such as fruit with a few nuts.  Hard boiled eggs, 1/2 half a Zing bar (save the other 1/2 for the afternoon).  You get the picture.  Eating this way will begin to balance your blood sugar.  You’ll experienced sustained energy and may even sleep better!

#5:  Energy feeling low – don’t caffeine up. It’s natural to not feel as energetic in this soggy weather.  Curl up and read a good book and allow yourself to move a bit slower (that is, after your walk around the block).

#6:  Eat less. Yup.  You’ve heard it before, but did you know that eating less could actually increase your energy?  Why?  Eating large amounts of food, burdens your digestive system.  Energy goes to digesting the food, instead of moving your body. And by eating less, you will live longer.

#7:  Laugh. Laughter IS the best medicine!  Keep your sense of humor.  We are all soggy together.  By lifting someone elses spirit, you will be lifted as well.  Go ahead – flash that soggy smile!



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